Make training and practice a snap!

The development of the Thomas Portable Football Goal Post resulted from an original request by Coach Charles Shields, then head football coach at McMichael High School in Mayodan, N.C.  The school had recently created a new practice field and had no goal post installed on their new site. Coach Shields was aware of our design and fabrication capabilities and approached us to construct a new goal post.   One of his criteria was that the goal should be portable enough to move around the field to adjust to changing field conditions. A portable goal, Coach Shields felt, would increase available special teams practice time.  At that time he was having to send his kickers to the game field at their stadium to practice each day, far away from staff supervision. Full squad practice required the whole team traveling to the stadium eating even more time from their daily schedule.



Over a +3 month period, we designed and fabricated the original prototype that incorporated not only a means to move the goal but an additional design element that allowed for one person to erect or collapse the goal in less than 4 minutes.  The entire design and development process has taken over 2 years resulting in a recent patent being awarded to us for the portable goal post by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


The Thomas goal post was originally intended as a one-off design.  But once the first prototype was unveiled to Coach Shields he immediately recognized the unique design and encouraged us to seek patent protection.


Since the creation of the first prototype, we continued to refine the overall design incorporating new features into two more prototypes.  The final prototype included features suggested by several national recognized kicking coaches including Coach Bill Renner in NC and Coach Carol White from Athens GA.  Both of these coaches stressed that incorporating movable uprights that could narrow the distance between uprights would greatly increase the difficulty for kickers while improving the instructional ability.  We designed and tested several variations of our sliding cups until we were satisfied we had a simple but durable solution.  These sliding cups are now standard on our production models.


Each prototype has undergone extensive testing including more than 3000 miles of road testing to insure roadworthiness, stress testing on the movable components, and field stability testing. All of our goal posts are hand made one at a time by our talented staff using quality production jigs and materials. Once all the components are fabricated, we assemble each unit and test it for function.  After meeting our strict quality checks, the goals are disassembled, powder coated, and prepared for delivery.


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